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Outside My Window ~ 7.03.2016

Outside my window….is a cool 70°F with heavy cloud cover afternoon.  Lots of humidity too ~ 87%.  It poured rain this morning….all morning.  The flood canal in back was well over the banks and the side yard was deep with standing water.  The grounds are saturated now.  I like how everything is so clean….so lush […]

Outside My Window ~ 5.19.2013

Outside my window…is a rather dreary Sunday afternoon.  There is full cloud cover with the sun making a feeble attempt to show itself.  I say feeble because I believe it could come out and shine if it really wanted to.  I’m not sure what location The Weather Channel dude is reporting from but they are saying mostly […]

Outside My Window ~ 1.13.2013

Outside my window…is the closing hours of what was a rather foggy weekend.  The sun did manage to break through late this afternoon…it was nice to see it after a few days.  In addition to the fog, it was unseasonably warm as well.  Today we had a high temperature of 66°F .  Currently at 9:30 this evening it is 62° […]

Outside My Window ~ 10.28.2012

Outside my window…is a dreary, rainy, windy, chilly, miserable morning.  Yup, I think that about covers it.  We are awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Sandy sometime tomorrow but because the storm is so huge, we are getting a taste of what is to come for now.  The rain started late yesterday afternoon….the wind began about […]

Outside My Window ~ 8.26.2012

Outside my window…at 5:45 this evening it is pouring rain, thunder and lightening…..for the last hour.  We are currently at 75°F with a flood advisory until 7:00 this evening….and a pollen alert?  Seriously….pollen?  The rain is forecast to stop around 8:00 this evening.  There is a section of my street that is already flooding again. […]

Outside My Window ~ 4.29.12

Outside my window…is another Sunday night wrapping up.  We had a nice and fairly gloomy weekend in Hampton Roads this past weekend.  Our next to nothing chance of rain turned in to quite a downpour of some time on Saturday and while Sunday brought little rain, it did bring the gray clouds for the day.  […]

Under the weather….

 Feeling a bit under the weather… …I’ve been fighting this for the past week… …tonight it feels like I’m losing ~ off to bed for me.  

Outside My Window ~ 9.26.11

  Outside my window…in a word ~ wet.  We are so wet around here I noticed mushroom rings popping up in lawns everywhere.  The fairies have been busy!  🙂  We had rain showers on and off all weekend at varying degrees.  This morning began as foggy and graduated to mostly cloudy by the time I […]

Outside My Window ~ 9.19.2011

Outside my window…is a mild albeit mostly cloudy Monday afternoon.  Our temperature during the noon hour is 72°F….close to the forecast high of 73°F.  We had rain all weekend…not torrential rains, light and steady for the most part.  Tomorrow will be warmer with a forecast high of 80°F and a chance of thunderstorms.  With the […]

Outside My Window ~ 4.17.11

Outside My Window…is bright blue skies….lots of sunshine….some wind….and about 59°F at 11:15 a.m. this fine Sunday morning.  Our forecast high is 67°F with lots of sunshine and wind.  That is to be expected after a cold front moves through the area I suppose..the wind.  Yesterday was quite different ~ I woke up to cloudy skies, […]