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Outside My Window ~ 3.08.2015

Credits for the Outside My Window composite can be found here. Outside my window…is an amazing day!  It is a far cry from last Sunday when it was cold, wet and still far too much snow was on the ground.  At 1:00 we are sitting at 64° with sunshine and blue skies.  Fabulous!  There is […]

Outside My Window ~ 01.18.2015

Credits for the Outside My Window composite can be found here.   Outside my window…is heavy rain and moderate temperatures.  I woke up to 57° and cloudy skies at around 7:30 this morning.  It may have dropped a degree to two since then but still not too cold. I have taken a lot of my […]

Outside My Window ~ 2.02.14

Outside my window…is blue skies and sunshine as well as moderate temperatures.  We are currently sitting at 55°F with an expected high of 60°F today.  Loving it! In the span of a week we had two snow storms with a total accumulation of approximately 9 inches.  The first snow came the evening of January 21st […]

Outside My Window ~ 9.9.2013

Outside my window…is a Monday rather than a Sunday so I have Williamsburg in my view.  Currently we are at 83°F with mostly cloudy skies.  The forecast for the week looks very much the same as today…. mostly sunshine and temperatures warming up to the low 90’s by mid-week.  It has been quite dry, I believe […]

Outside My Window ~ 4.28.2013

Outside My Window…is a cloudy evening.  We started out with blue skies and sunshine but as the day progressed we built up to what is now total cloud cover with some fairly dark skies on the horizon.  Our forecast for this evening is cloudy skies with an 80% chance of rain after midnight.  At 6:15 we […]

Outside My Window ~ 4.1.2013

Outside my window…is the closing hours of a beautiful day on this the first day of April, 2013.  Our high today was 73°F…partly cloudy but I can deal with that when the temperature is so warm.  Unfortunately I was inside for a better part of the day at work but I was able to enjoy […]

Outside My Window ~ 3.17.2013

Outside my window…is a fairly damp and chilly night.  Currently at 8:30 this evening the temperature is hovering at around 40°F, but feels like 34°F.  It is damp, wet and still feels very much like winter outside right now.  I had taken some of the plants out for what I thought would be for a […]

Outside My Window ~ 2.17.2013

Outside my window…is a mixture of sun and clouds as well as quite cold and windy.  Currently we are at 35°F but with the wind blowing at 13mph and gusting up to 23mph, it feels more like 26°F.  Our high today is forecast at 36°F which is not much over our low yesterday of 34°F.  We did get […]

A Saturday At Home

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We got about three inches this afternoon and evening. I always like the way the house looks after a snow fall…. ….and I am definitely in love with night photography. I want more of both.