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Outside My Window ~ 7.03.2016

Outside my window….is a cool 70°F with heavy cloud cover afternoon.  Lots of humidity too ~ 87%.  It poured rain this morning….all morning.  The flood canal in back was well over the banks and the side yard was deep with standing water.  The grounds are saturated now.  I like how everything is so clean….so lush […]


Our theme for week 10 of Project 52 was Childhood Toys.  Many, many moons have passed since I was a child and unfortunately I have no toys from my childhood,  but I do have this Raggedy Ann doll that my paternal grandmother made for me when I was in my 20’s.   I didn’t have any children at […]


Nellie was born in August, 1904 1903 in rural North Carolina. In August 1920, she married Celius…they had seven children. She was a farmer’s wife and lived a simple life. She loved to have her long hair brushed ~ to the point you thought your arm would fall off. She always wore her long hair in a bun except […]

Mary Belle

  Mary Belle was born in rural Alabama. She married Martin and had seven children. She made the best cinnamon toast, biscuits and vegetable soup ever. She didn’t drive until very late in her life.  She didn’t like riding over bridges ~ it was ironic because her husband built them.   Once she got out of the car and walked over the […]