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Outside My Window ~ 01.04.2015

Outside My Window…is a unbelievably warm day and not at all like the photograph I choose as the background outside my window above.  We currently have mostly cloudy skies and a temperature of 71ºF….yes, you read that right.  A high of 76ºF has been forecast for today.  Hardly what I would expect for January 4th. […]

….and another one….

I saw a video on this composite and decided to give it a go today…. Credits: Tutorial Couple/Background Background Bike Wall Ivy Columns Column Ivy Column Flowers Sun Gradient Lamps    

Outside My Window ~ 10.13.2013

Outside my window…is yet another cloudy and rainy day.  The rainfall pattern goes from drizzle to pouring rain to light rain to drizzle….rinse and repeat….for the 7th straight day.  We did need the moisture but this has been a bit of over kill in that department.  I read on Friday that we had received 4 to 6 inches of […]

Free June 2013 Desktop Calendars

It is time once again for the free desktop calendars…. To download a zip file of this calendar, click here.  There are six high resolution images available so you can select the one that best fits your screen. To download a zip file of this calendar, click here.  There are six high resolution images available so you […]

Outside My Window ~ 4.21.2013

 Outside my window…is the end of another weekend.  At around 11:00 this evening we are at 47°F with clear skies.  The weather channel says it feels like 43°F and I’m wondering if I should be worried about the house plants I took outside a couple of weeks ago.  I guess it is too late to […]

Outside My Window ~ 3.17.2013

Outside my window…is a fairly damp and chilly night.  Currently at 8:30 this evening the temperature is hovering at around 40°F, but feels like 34°F.  It is damp, wet and still feels very much like winter outside right now.  I had taken some of the plants out for what I thought would be for a […]

Outside My Window ~ 7.8.2012

Outside my window…is an evening inching towards completion.  At a little past 10:00 p.m. we have cloudy skies…a fairly steady wind from the north at 14 mph.  It is currently 81°F but feels like 84°F.  Our forecast low for this evening is 75°F with a 50% chance of thunderstorms….a few may be severe.  Our forecast […]

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday


Welcome Back

I missed you guys…it’s good to see all of you again!  🙂