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Outside My Window ~ 7.03.2016

Outside my window….is a cool 70°F with heavy cloud cover afternoon.  Lots of humidity too ~ 87%.  It poured rain this morning….all morning.  The flood canal in back was well over the banks and the side yard was deep with standing water.  The grounds are saturated now.  I like how everything is so clean….so lush […]

Outside My Window ~ 01.04.2015

Outside My Window…is a unbelievably warm day and not at all like the photograph I choose as the background outside my window above.  We currently have mostly cloudy skies and a temperature of 71ºF….yes, you read that right.  A high of 76ºF has been forecast for today.  Hardly what I would expect for January 4th. […]

Outside My Window ~ 9.9.2013

Outside my window…is a Monday rather than a Sunday so I have Williamsburg in my view.  Currently we are at 83°F with mostly cloudy skies.  The forecast for the week looks very much the same as today…. mostly sunshine and temperatures warming up to the low 90’s by mid-week.  It has been quite dry, I believe […]

A Somber Anniversary

I began to create outside my window several times today, and it just wasn’t working.  Today is an anniversary that I wish wasn’t so….but it is what it is and we learn to live with a life that has changed.  Instead of the normal chatter, I’m featuring something that was written by my sister’s friend….about Bob […]

Once again….

….we said “until next time” to our hearts….

Happy Birthday Daddio!

The only thing better than having you as my dad, is my children having you as their Papa! Happy Birthday With Love!

Happy Birthday Mom!

We love you!!  ♥

Outside My Window ~ 7.29.2012

Outside my window…are the closing hours of my vacation.  Back to work tomorrow….I have decided I would like to have time off more often than not.  Sigh.  It is  close to 8:45 in the evening and we are at 79°F with 78% humidity….the dew point is 72° and the winds are calm….sounds lovely outside doesn’t […]

Outside My Window ~ 6.24.2012

Outside my window…is a beautiful albeit hot day.  Blue skies….sunshine….puffy white clouds for the most part.  I am noticing some of the clouds are getting darker though….there is a chance for scattered thunderstorms this afternoon.  Right now it is 87°F with 47% humidity and a very slight breeze is present….very slight.  The low humidity is […]

Papa Harris

He always had a smile…. ….and one of the biggest hearts. He loved horses….fishing….Nascar….and a cold beer on a hot day. When someone needed help, he never hesitated. He was honored to serve his country in the Navy…. ….and after retiring from the military worked as a butcher. He was an excellent cook….I loved his […]