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Outside My Window ~ 4.06.2014

Outside my window…is a cool late afternoon in southeast Virginia.  Plenty of sunshine, blue skies but not quite as warm as it was for the past couple of days.  We have been see-sawing this spring….it rains or snows one day and then it warms up only to cool down to an unseasonable cool temperature.  The […]

Outside My Window ~ 2.26.2012

Outside my window…is cold ~ C-O-L-D!   Right now it is 34°F and it feels bone chilling to me.  We went from summer on Friday with a high of 80° to brrrrr chilly this evening.  In between, we had wind ~ lots of it Friday evening and Saturday.  This week will be hanging in the mid […]

Fantasy Forest

Another composite…. Want to make your own?  Go here for the tutorial.  Links to the resources used…. Forest Background Model 1 Model 2 Abstract Brushes  

Outside My Window ~ 1.2.2012

Outside my window…is on the way to a chilly night.  We are currently at 35°F at about 10:30 this evening with a forecast low of 28°F.  Tomorrow the forecast calls for winds at 19 mph and a forecast high of 38°F ~ which I’m betting it won’t feel that warm if the winds are blowing […]

Outside My Window ~ 12.11.2011

Outside my window…is a pretty frosty evening as we are closing in on 9:00 p.m..  We are currently at 33°F, which is also our forecast low for the evening.  Today was sunshine and blue skies but fairly cool with only a high of 45°F.  We will gradually build our way up to a high of […]