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….and another one….

I saw a video on this composite and decided to give it a go today…. Credits: Tutorial Couple/Background Background Bike Wall Ivy Columns Column Ivy Column Flowers Sun Gradient Lamps    

….and she danced….

My newest photo manip. Source Files: Rocks – Burtn    Burtn     Leina1 Wagon – Wintersmagic Stock Gypsy – Faestock Fire – Shaedsofgrey Tree – AT-Stock Grass – gd08 Path – Celticstrm Iron Kettle – SalsolsaStock Background – Chulii Stock ….as well as my own resources.

Before and After

I have been working on organizing my three hard drives.  While extracting/looking/moving files, I ran across a photo I scanned and edited for my brother-in-law not too long after his mother passed away last year.  It was a favorite of his…I can understand why because it is a great photograph.  When I look at it […]