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Outside My Window ~ 3.08.2015

Credits for the Outside My Window composite can be found here. Outside my window…is an amazing day!  It is a far cry from last Sunday when it was cold, wet and still far too much snow was on the ground.  At 1:00 we are sitting at 64° with sunshine and blue skies.  Fabulous!  There is […]

New For Outside My Window

A new composite photo I created for Outside My Window series….I believe I’m a bit addicted to composites.  Wonder if there is a support group?  🙂 Credits for stock used Books Curtains Suitcase Chest Chair Window Room And my own resources.

….and another one….

I saw a video on this composite and decided to give it a go today…. Credits: Tutorial Couple/Background Background Bike Wall Ivy Columns Column Ivy Column Flowers Sun Gradient Lamps    

….and she danced….

My newest photo manip. Source Files: Rocks – Burtn    Burtn     Leina1 Wagon – Wintersmagic Stock Gypsy – Faestock Fire – Shaedsofgrey Tree – AT-Stock Grass – gd08 Path – Celticstrm Iron Kettle – SalsolsaStock Background – Chulii Stock ….as well as my own resources.

Wishing For Better Days

I finished another composite this past weekend.  Not for the faint of heart, this image was inspired by the dark nurses in the horror movie, Silent Hill. Background – Dracoart Stock Model 1 – David MacKenzie (obtained from deviantart – credit listed as requested) Model 2 – AmethystDreams 1987 (obtained from deviantart – credit listed as requested) Texture […]

Charge of the Goddess

Credits: Water for Texture Model Background Elements: Archway | Sky | Ground | Brushes: Obsidian Dawn    

Outside My Window ~ 3.12.2012

Outside my window…is the end of another beautiful day.  The temperature today was around 75°F with sunshine and blue skies…..just beautiful.  This past Saturday was a bit chilly but sunny…Sunday was warmer with sunny skies.  We are currently at 64°F with slight breeze…low tonight is suppose to be 54°F with a chance of showers.  Our […]


Update: I remembered I had not listed the links for this composite.  You can now find them below the post. I finished my composite…well, finished as much as I’m doing this evening.  I may do some more another day.  I saw something similar on deviantART and wanted to give it a try myself ~ no […]

Fantasy Forest

Another composite…. Want to make your own?  Go here for the tutorial.  Links to the resources used…. Forest Background Model 1 Model 2 Abstract Brushes  

Outside My Window ~ 12.11.2011

Outside my window…is a pretty frosty evening as we are closing in on 9:00 p.m..  We are currently at 33°F, which is also our forecast low for the evening.  Today was sunshine and blue skies but fairly cool with only a high of 45°F.  We will gradually build our way up to a high of […]