Outside My Window ~ June 26, 2016

outside my window summer 2016

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW…is a relatively warm day.  Current temperature is 76° with 55% humidity. It is a bit muggy outside which is why I am inside.  It would probably be a good beach day though.  I haven’t been to the beach in a while though….I can’t tolerate the heat and humidity like I once could….or maybe I don’t want to tolerate the heat and humidity any more.  It sure does wear me down a lot faster since I have gotten older.  Along with the heat we have blue skies, sunshine and some puffy clouds here and there.  I don’t believe there is a chance for rain today – or tomorrow for that matter.

I am thinking…it has been a very long time since I have created one of these ~ I’m a bit rusty at all this. 🙂  Some friends and family have said they missed this weekly update because unfortunately I don’t correspond like I did once upon a time ago.  Our society has moved from hand writing letters to writing emails to social media.  Not everyone I know participates in the various forms of social media available so I’m pondering a jump start for this old blog.  I’m not promising a post a day like I did one year long ago, but the plan is to visit this place more often than I have been with updates and photographs. I’m also going to take up the calendar creations once again.  I had stopped creating them last year when my time management seemed to become non-existent. Time management is something I have struggled with my entire life. Add to that I tend to take on too many projects at once and overwhelm myself until I don’t want to deal with anything.   As I have gotten older it has gotten more and more tedious and complicated.  I have begun to organize the projects based on importance.  Hopefully I can work through them this way without getting overwhelmed which results in my throwing up my hands and putting it off for another day.  Part of that organization is I allow myself time to do something I enjoy – and this is one of those things.  It can’t always be work, work, work. That’s the plan anyway….now let’s see if I can follow through.  🙂

I am glad… that I finally got my work area exactly like I wanted it.  This has been one of those projects that has been in the works for quite some time.  I have tried several different arrangements, different pieces of furniture here and there and while it was always functional, it was never really what I had envisioned.  I can’t tell you how excited I am that it is so close to being complete.  I need to do a few finishing touches here and there then I will share with photos.  It all started to really come together when I ran across this IKEA hack while browsing online about a year ago.  I realized this would work perfectly for my space and it is what I had envisioned for some time.  The next step was to purchase the items I needed and then bring it all together.  The purchases included the cabinets, shelving for counter top and a new desk to replace the collapsible table I had been using.  The end result fits perfectly in my work space with far more storage and work area than I previously had.  The beauty of this hack was I could modify it to fit my needs. Instead of a dog bed in the middle of the cabinets, I have free standing wire shelving I had on hand.  It is perfect for storing my photographs/negatives as well as a few other items like my laptop case and paper cutter.  I covered that area with a small white canvas curtain hung on a suspension rod between the cabinets.   I will post the photographs of the end result very soon.  🙂

From my kitchen…has been a whole lot of not much.  If anyone could care less about cooking more than I have lately, I would be surprised.  I have tried a few new recipes but to be honest, I have to sometimes force myself to make the simplest of meals lately.  I have a lot of ambition to do more but by the time I get home from work, I’m exhausted and I don’t have the energy to take on the task.  We aren’t starving….I’m just not that into doing any more than necessary lately.  😐  I did try a new recipe for mac and cheese not too long ago.  I found it, of all places, on a can of evaporated milk.  It sounded interesting so thought I would give it a try.  It wasn’t too bad either.  I don’t have it set up to share just yet, but I will add that to my things to do and hopefully post it next week.  🙂

Plans for the week include…a visit with an old friend tomorrow evening….working from home on Tuesday and hopefully completing the manual update I have been editing.  I did quite a bit on it last Tuesday but lost it all when the computer decided it would be a good time to shut down and install an update.  Of course I had not saved what I had done – who knew after I booted up that morning and it ran and update that almost two hours later it would need to install yet another one.  Speaking of which – typing that sentence reminded me I had not saved this draft…..I just did.  🙂  I know some will say I should take it off auto updates – and I went that path with my old laptop until I checked for updates and it had been so long since I checked it took several hours to complete.  One thing I have definitely noticed about growing older – you think not so much time has passed between one point in time and another but in reality it has.  What seems like a couple of weeks is actually a couple of months….or longer.  It is surreal sometimes when the realization hits you. 😯  The balance of the week is uneventful at the moment.

One of life’s little pleasures…spending time with your furry friends.  Turbo brings me so much peace and happiness…even when he is doing what he shouldn’t be doing.  😀

From my camera…is a few shots I took on my cellphone while on vacation this year.  My parents moved from just south of Charlotte to Asheville, North Carolina the first of this year.  I understood their reasoning, but I was sad….they were leaving the beautiful “relax” home, I would no longer be in close proximity to IKEA and I would miss the easy pace of a trip I had made numerous times.  But after my recent visit to their new place in May I discovered there was beautiful scenery during a fairly easy albeit a little bit longer trip, a new beautiful place to stay surrounded by beautiful mountains and THE BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY!  It has been a few years since I was on the parkway and I soon discovered how much I have missed it.  The peace you feel when you are in the forests and the mountains….the breathtaking views!  I did a little hiking while there – just enough to realize I need to be in better shape!  😀  And I took photographs….a whole lot of photographs.  Some of you have previously seen these on social media but others have not.  I will share my photographs from my larger camera in the next few posts.  The two selfies were taken after a couple of short hikes – and yes, I’m looking a bit rough, I’m hot and relatively winded in the higher than I’m used to altitude, but I’m feeling so very happy!!!  And that is what it is all about folks…. 😀

iphoneography negative 1 june 26 2016 iphoneography negative june 26 2016

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