Outside My Window ~ 01.18.2015

outside my window winter 2015

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Outside my window…is heavy rain and moderate temperatures.  I woke up to 57° and cloudy skies at around 7:30 this morning.  It may have dropped a degree to two since then but still not too cold. I have taken a lot of my plants outside to enjoy the rain this morning…they do so much better with rain water than tap water.  I still have my rain barrels (I did end up going back and getting a second barrel a year later) that I use throughout the year for watering but taking them outside for their drink saves me time. This past Wednesday we woke up to everything encased in ice ~ streets and sidewalks were clear but fences and trees, not so much.  Most of the ice had melted by late afternoon around my house.  On Thursday I woke up to snow ~ it was only a light dusting, but still snow.  As you got further inland towards Williamsburg on Thursday there was no snow but there was still ice coating the trees in that area.  The sun was out and it was quite beautiful, I wish I could have gotten some photographs but was on my way to work and did not have enough time to stop.  I went out later that morning to help my Director with an errand in the Colonial area and it was raining ice on us as it melted. Some of the chunks falling from the trees were quite large but fortunately I only got hit with a few small ones…..kind of like running from hail.  🙂

I am thinking…it is time for this cough to be gone….three weeks is long enough!  It has gotten much, much better as time has gone by….but I’m over it completely now.  Be gone cough…be gone.

I am glad…I posted my ice covered branch photograph on Twitter and Instagram this past Wednesday.  Not too long after posting the image I was contacted by The Weather Channel, WeatherNation and ABC News asking permission to use the image with credit given. I agreed and allowed them to re-post as they needed.  The overwhelming response from their followers was quite flattering.  I was surprised because I didn’t think the photograph would garner that kind of attention.  I had taken it with my iPhone 4 which if you know anything about iPhone, you know the camera on the 4 is not a very good one.  It was quite exciting to see the attention it got…without even trying!  🙂  You want to see it….

ice branch

I am hearing…the rain drops hitting my front porch awning….the ticking of my many clocks….an otherwise quiet house.

Plans for the week…a day off from work tomorrow….working from home on Tuesday….trying to get back in the groove of things with my websites….continue work on a new composite I’m creating.  I actually have quite a few in the early stages ~ determining the layouts and gathering the photographs that I will need.  I also have some new tutorials I want to work with as well.  I could easily spend lots of time doing this.  🙂

One of life’s little pleasures…a nice cup of coffee on a rainy day.

From my camera…a few images from the icy day…notice on this first one there is a perfect ice leaf coming off the original leaf ~ veins and all….

berries and ice leaf

This next one is the full tree that the above instagram branch photo came from….

tree ice

Behind my house….

frosty morn

Frozen bird feeder….

birdfeeder ice

And finally….looking up at the dogwood branches….

tree ice 2

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One Response to Outside My Window ~ 01.18.2015

  1. Gina C-P says:

    Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you for putting up the desktop calendar wallpapers again. I change my desktop several times a month (so many to choose from how can you use just one for the entire month?) and always checked your blog for yours. I’m in Nassau, Bahamas so some of your scenes are very different from what I’d see here too. I enjoy your images, and musings, and hope to see more of them. Thanks! 🙂