Outside My Window ~ 4.06.2014

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Outside my window…is a cool late afternoon in southeast Virginia.  Plenty of sunshine, blue skies but not quite as warm as it was for the past couple of days.  We have been see-sawing this spring….it rains or snows one day and then it warms up only to cool down to an unseasonable cool temperature.  The cycle has been running that course for several weeks now.  I think it is safe to say we have experienced our last frost, but I’m still not putting the plants out nor planting any seedlings yet.  It was 45°F when I woke up this morning and I don’t believe it has broken the low 50’s all day.  Tomorrow mid 60’s and rain…chance of rain for both Tuesday and Wednesday as well.  I don’t mind the rain so much now….it is a good thing to have with everything blooming.  It helps keep the pollen down to a breathable level. I noticed today that a lot of the trees are bursting forth…the flowering trees have already bloomed and will soon be turning over to green leaves. I always enjoy seeing spring come to this area, it really does come alive.

I am thinking…I may be a bit addicted to photography composites lately.  You may have noticed the new photo at the top of the post.  I actually just started out to change the window from a winter to spring scene and it morphed into what you see now.  I have been wanting to add curtains to my otherwise dull window and then I thought I would put in on a wall, and have floors and add stuff…..and well, there you have it.  Credits for the stock used in this image can be found here.  My plan is to change the image outside my window (which will always be my images) and the interior at different times of the year.  This is just the base if you will….I may even actually get myself in the photograph at some point.  🙂  I love the photo I used for outside my window today.  These are azalea bushes in my mother’s backyard, underneath the walnut trees lining a gravel road.  They are huge, with huge, vibrant flowers that almost form a wall.  The suitcase is out because during the spring and summer is when I typically take a trip to see my parents in South Carolina.

I am glad…I got the blog set up on the photography web site.  You can find the link for the free desktop calendars here this month and moving forward.  My goal is to keep this more friends and family, everything separate.  I am sad The Walking Dead is over until October of this year.  But oh what a year they gave us for Season 4!!  It did not disappoint me at all.  I know some have complained that the story line was too slow…my read is that these people tune in for the action and zombie hunts, they aren’t so much into the story or haven’t seen it from the beginning.  Then there are those of us who have been dying for some back story on these people we have been struggling along with, and this season we got it. The last part of the season was mind-blowing.  My head was exploding every Sunday night!  🙂   Can’t wait to see what they do in October when Season 5 begins.

From my kitchen…has been not much.  I have evolved on wrap preparations, and I may share that one day.  Ha!  I know you are all holding your breath for that one right?  🙂   Otherwise it has been a fairly quiet kitchen of late.  I have been cooking but nothing I haven’t shared on here before.  I think I may owe you a few…another time though.

I am hearing…the ticking of my many clocks….the dog snoring on the couch….an otherwise quiet house.  I may catch up on watching episodes of Grimm on demand when I finish this.  Most of the time I don’t make it on the nights they originally broadcast.  The only show I ever watch the night of original broadcast is The Walking Dead.  Once upon a time that show was Sex and The City….I was always ready when it came on HBO on Sunday nights.  Those are probably the only two shows that I have ever watched religiously.  I did get interested in Helix on the Syfy channel when it premiered.  Of course I had to catch up with it on demand, but it was a pretty good show.  Will be interesting to see where it goes in season 2, but that isn’t until 2015 sometime.  I hope they have a marathon before it begins so I can refresh my memory on what happened.  🙂

From my camera…is not all from my camera, but the couple is ~ and I put it all together.  Those of you that are friends with me on Facebook have probably seen these, but I’m posting for those of you that are not.  These are a couple of the composites I have worked on for them….the first one I created because he is in the Navy, second one is because they are huge Dallas Cowboy fans.  Like I said, a bit of an addiction I believe.  🙂

boat composite


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